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Prices accurate as of May 2017. Based on selling your property within the first month.

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How Much Can You Save?

The following examples are approximations of what you can save with MoveSelf in comparison to a commission based pricing model. Since this calculation is based on our Pay As You Go pricing model, we have based them on your property selling/letting via a 6 month minimum term Pay As You Go plan.

Please use the sliders below to define your property sale/let value and instantly calculate how much money you could save by using MoveSelf to sell or let your property.

Potential Sale Savings with MoveSelf

Property Sale Value:
Sale Savings:
(Based on 1.5% Commission inc. VAT)

Potential Let Savings with MoveSelf

Property Let Value (Monthly):
Let Savings (Annually):
(Based on 10% of Monthly Commission inc. VAT)

Responsibilities (In A Nutshell)


It is our responsibility to provide you with a secure platform where you can create your property listing, advertise your property within 24 hours, manage viewings and negotiate offers. We're here to provide remote support whenever you need us!


It is your responsibility to be creative when preparing your property listing, enthusiastic when conducting your property viewings and astute when negotiating any offers. You are merely acting as a salesperson for your own property!

Nothing you do or say using our platform is legally binding. There is nothing to worry about!

Legal Team

When you accept an offer it is the responsibility of our Law Society accredited, fixed fee conveyancing solicitors to legally transfer ownership of your property. The legal team will provide you with real-time updates on the progress of your transaction.

For more information you can find out how MoveSelf works.

Need To Know More?

Pay As You Go and FREE plans!

Traditional estate agents don't represent good value for money. Our Pay As You Go and FREE plans provide excellent value for money, have shaken up the status quo for the property industry and will save you thousands of pounds!

Bespoke property listings!

Commission and flat fee estate agents automatically include the cost of photography, floorplans and more! MoveSelf enables savvy and thrifty users to save money by optionally providing these services themselves!

Open all day every day!

Arrange viewings, respond to offers and enquiries, monitor transactions, engage in instant communications and receive SMS notifications using our slick, cloud-based property management platform - accessible 24/7 from any device!

Greater control over YOUR property!

Need to tweak some wording or adjust the price based on consumer feedback? Need to add new features or update some photography? Make the changes yourself and we'll review them!

An economic tenant finding service!

Landlords and property management companies can utilise our services to find reputable tenants for their property. Our comprehensive credit and tenant referencing checks are the most affordable on the market!

Exemplary support from our agents!

We use email to respond to most enquiries within the hour! For urgent issues we'll call you. Online support enables us to be more efficient, store conversation history, build metrics and keep improving!