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Kae Travis - Founder/CEO MoveSelf

Kae Travis CEO/Founder

About Me

My name’s Kae Travis and I’m the founder of MoveSelf - an online estate agent with a difference! I have two beautiful daughters, a handsome canine son, and a great wife.

My Background

I have a 1st Class degree with honours in Computer Science, and multiple professional accreditations in project management principles and service-based frameworks and methodologies.

I write computer code in over 30 different languages! In fact, I wrote MoveSelf entirely by myself!

What is MoveSelf?

MoveSelf is a web-based platform for mobile and desktop devices. It enables property owners to list their home for sale or to let within 24 hours, with no contracts to sign!

In its most basic form you can sell or let your home by yourself (hence the name MoveSelf). Alternatively, you can purchase our professional estate agency services to assist you and build a completely bespoke package tailored to you and your home.

Why MoveSelf?

I've already listed some of the problems with high street estate agents and how the MoveSelf platform provides a solution. I've also noted some reasons why you should use an online estate agent.

Estate agency is primed for disruption; most high street estate agents are luddites and are unwilling to embrace technology.

These same estate agents still advertise in newspapers, still use filing cabinets and post-it notes, still run insecure websites, still only work from 9am-5pm, still waste thousands of pounds on office space, still drive around all day in company cars and still charge commission! And who do you think is paying for all these inefficiencies?

You are.

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