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How To Get On The Property Ladder (Without Murdering Your Parents!)

Kae 22nd October 2017 0 Comments General
We recently read quite a disturbing article suggesting that 38% of surveyed people thought their best chance of getting on the property ladder was to rely on inheritance from their deceased parents! You can't blame these morbid people for thinking such dark and depressing thoughts - especially when you consider…
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The MoveSelf Beta (Results and Feedback)

Kae 21st September 2017 0 Comments General
Back in July we launched a very modest social media campaign inviting people to use the MoveSelf beta platform. We offered 3 months of free advertising on Zoopla (and various other property portals) in exchange for feedback and/or bug reports. As part of this beta we were lucky enough to…
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Free Property Listings…..Forever!

Kae 16th August 2017 0 Comments General
MoveSelf have been working hard over the last couple of months to offer our consumers a completely FREE FOREVER property advertising plan. As of today we've partnered up with 6 property aggregators including Mouseprice, Propertini, The House Shop, Nethouseprices, Houseladder and DSSMove. And we're hoping to add more to this…
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Sell Or Let Your Property For Free!

Kae 6th May 2017 0 Comments Promotions
Do you want to sell or let your property for free?  Or do you want to test the market and see if there is a demand for a property like yours? As part of our launch we have provisioned 10 promotional codes that enable you to advertise your residential property…
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Better Property Photography (Tips For Improvement And Mistakes To Avoid)

Kae 16th April 2017 0 Comments General
MoveSelf online estate agent enables property vendors to save money by providing their own property photography.  The photography produced by the property vendor must meet a specific criteria to pass our quality review process.  This post provides guidance, tips and examples that will contribute to producing photographs of sufficient quality. Please…
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How To Write A Property Description (And Engage Your Target Audience)

Kae 12th April 2017 0 Comments General
Writing a description to advertise your property can be a daunting task. It’s not merely a description but a sales pitch to entice people into viewing and potentially making an offer on your property! It’s an opportunity to engage your target audience and not only 'sell' them the property, but…
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The Problems With Estate Agents (And How We Fix Them)

Kae 6th April 2017 0 Comments General
Estate agents have long been scrutinised in terms of the value they offer and indeed the practises they follow. Consumers often question what estate agents actually do in order to command such inflated fees. Combined with this, the tactics adopted by estate agents to achieve a sale have often been…
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