Considering putting your property on the market in the future? Naturally, homeowners want to attract many buyers and secure the highest price possible for their home. To do this, many are turning to certain home improvements that are desirable for buyers but also increase home value. Before you decide to stick that ‘For Sale’ sign up, think about these changes that will help draw in interest.

Upgrade the Front Door

The front door is one of the first things people notice about the home. It should be in good shape, with it being both secure and looking great. Give it a good clean with mild soap and water (or use a pressure washer if you have one) then apply a new coat of paint. If needed, replace the front door altogether. You really do need to make sure that first impression is a good one!

Become Energy Efficient

Becoming energy efficient is one of the best things you can do for the home. Not only are you helping the environment by cutting down on the carbon footprint, but it also usually means lower household bills, which potential buyers love. While you don’t need to go out and purchase solar panels right away (which can initially be costly, but then pays off with what you save in energy bills), consider installing energy efficient appliances that save on energy and/or water.

Install Double Glazing

Double glazing is another way of becoming energy efficient. Double glazing will help hold heat in, but it also keeps noise coming from the outside to a minimum. Double glazing is one of the first things potential buyers will look for, so if your home doesn’t have it yet, shop around for a good price and get them installed.

Renovate the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and a good, fresh looking one will definitely bring in buyer interest. You do not need a whole new kitchen installed to achieve this as sometimes the smallest changes make all the difference. Painting the cabinets and getting new door handles for them is a great cost-effective way for sprucing up the space. You could also install a new trendy backsplash or under-unit lighting for a quick, inexpensive change.

Open Up the Space

More buyers are opting for open-plan homes as a way to create bigger spaces. Knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room is one popular way of creating open spaces. While it of course does not increase the size of the home, it certainly creates more useable space, increasing the home’s value.


Bring new life into the home with some new wallpaper or a fresh lick of paint. Some busy designs or bold colours can be unattractive to potential buyers, so consider going with something more neutral for a cleaner, brighter look. This look is so much more appealing to a wider range of those hunting for a new home.

Install Mirrors

Installing mirrors is a simple way of enhancing natural light coming into your home. They’re inexpensive and a great alternative to skylights. Simply hang them opposite windows to open up the space and make it brighter. Homes that are plentiful in natural light are highly sought after.

Create a Fireplace

Fireplaces add a bit of luxury to a home. They are a cosy addition that provides both warmth and character to any living space, which is why they are one of the most popular features homebuyers look for. You don’t have to fit an actual fireplace though. Instead, opt for a temporary free-standing version with a decorative mantle. They look just as good and are easier to care for!

Consider a Loft Conversion

While a loft conversion is a costly home improvement to make, nothing will put your home value up more than an extra bedroom, especially if it is en-suite. It can be time consuming as well with all the planning and effort put into it, however if it is in your budget, then this can be one renovation that will definitely pay off.

Revamp the Garden

A neglected garden is a real turn off to many potential home owners. This is your chance to show off the outdoor spaces, so give as much thought as you would the interior of the home. Take the time to mow and get rid of any weeds. Trim trees and bushes so they aren’t overgrown and untidy and clean pathways. If your garden is large enough, then create a separate space where an outdoor set can go where people can relax or entertain, or even better, a pergola.

Once you’ve completed the home improvements that potential buyers will go for, get a free property valuation from MoveSelf before putting it on the market. Know what your home is worth, then register with us to sell it with confidence.