The honesty and integrity of estate agents has long been a topic of contentious debate, and as a result estate agency is one of the most distrusted professions along with politicians, journalists and car salesmen! Common issues reported are:

  • Not relaying offers and enquiries to property vendors
  • Under-valuing your property to entice a faster sale and hence a quicker commission fee
  • Under-valuing your property so that the estate agent buys it themselves! Or through a ‘proxy buyer’!
  • Over-valuing your property to win your business!
  • The promise of a ready-made database of buyers that doesn’t actually exist!
  • Lying about other buyer interest
  • Asking property vendors to do their own viewings because they are understaffed
  • Force-feeding buyers and sellers with their own financial services (conveyancing, mortgaging, insurance etc) to earn hefty commissions

The list goes on….

What’s of more concern is that an estate agent acts as the sole proxy between the seller and the buyer, and so both parties rely heavily on optimal transparency and efficiency in communications.

So how do you avoid the aforementioned issues when selling your home?

A Free Online Platform for Private Sales and Lettings

Simply put, by using MoveSelf you can eliminate the middle man whilst having access to expert support and a wealth of optional professional products and services.

With poor execution, middle-men can create more problems then they solve. So MoveSelf empowers property vendors by putting them in direct, real-time communications with interested parties via secure instant messaging, phone and/or SMS! Viewings, offers and enquiries can be made 24/7!

We assist you in making informed decisions by publishing various articles such as these simple steps to carry out your own property valuation! And our support team provide super-fast responses to all your queries!

Your privacy is upheld at all times in compliance with the GDPR regulations. Your email address is never distributed to any other party, and if you choose one of our premium plans your phone number will be kept private using our Phone Safe technology.

Contact us for more information, or list your property for free to get started!