When planning to sell your home, or indeed if you’re a curtain-twitching neighbour, it’s always good practise to consult previously sold property prices and current estimates of house prices in your area.

House Prices In Your Area

Luckily our friends over at Zoopla provide instant statistics for property in your area including:

  • the number of sales
  • the average price paid
  • the current average value
  • the change in value over a specified period of time

Just enter your postcode into the box below and click the button underneath to see house prices in your area.

How Much Did A House Sell For?

If you scroll down to the list of properties in your area, you can use this resource as a quick house price checker to see the house prices on your street.

The middle column is called ‘Last Sale’ and contains all recorded previous sold prices for each property, and if the property was listed with Zoopla when it sold it will also contain a cached property listing for your perusal – a great tool for nosy neighbours!

Previous Sold Prices
In the third column Zoopla also provide a property price estimate and give you the ability to refine your estimate even further.

Instant Property Price Estimates Are Not Accurate Enough On Their Own

Lots of estate agents offer free instant property valuations. Unfortunately it’s just a cheap ploy to get your contact details with the hope of snaring your custom at a later date.

At the time of writing, instant property valuations are not quite accurate enough when used on their own and they should only be used as a guide.

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