There are multiple ways to contact MoveSelf if you have an enquiry or a support request.


You can phone us on 01625 800 450 and leave us a voicemail. “Why a voicemail?” you ask? Generally because it alows us to be more efficient with our time and provide higher levels of support.

As soon as you leave a voicemail, a ticket is created for us to action and, if required, we’ll call you back.

Website Contact Form

You can also contact us via our website form. This option should be used by unregistered users to provide general feedback, report website issues or for press enquiries.

Raise a Support Ticket

Registered users should raise a support ticket if any form of assistance is required, whereby responses will be prioritised above our website contact form.

Website Live Chat

Towards the bottom of our website is a live chat feature. If we’re not online you can use this option to leave us a message and create a support ticket, or if we are online you can engage in an instant conversation.


From any email client (Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook etc.) you can simply send an email to whereby a support ticket will be instantly created.


You can also WhatsApp us on 01625 800 450 for an instant chat. WhatsApp is a free app that you can install on your mobile device. All you have to do is add us as a contact in your phone and then you can add us to your WhatsApp conversation!