Property investors can use the MoveSelf platform to source investment property for sale, as well as sell property from their own property portfolio.

There are many reasons why people decide to invest in property in the UK; it can be financially rewarding, exciting and can provide a consistent stream of income. And in 2021 the property market caught fire when the government temporarily cut stamp duty, seeing a peak in property sales throughout the UK.

Those who invested in property in January 2021 would have likely seen a 10% increase in the value of their property a year later, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Towards the end of 2021 the stamp duty holiday was phased out. Consequently the appetite to sell homes slowed down and the number of properties listed on estate agent websites decreased in tandem. But the demand to buy property still remained.

Investment Property For Sale – A Seller’s Market

The combination led to what the industry calls a ‘sellers market’ – sellers were achieving higher sales prices in shorter time periods. Potential buyers were clambering to view properties, and sealed bids were rife. Some properties sold on the first day of listing and other properties sold off market (not something I’m a fan of).

Estate agents barely needed to lift a finger and properties were flying off the shelves!

It’s in such markets that MoveSelf is the perfect platform to sell investment property for sale. Our platform can save property investors thousands of pounds, enabling investors to maximise their profits when welling property.

There are many reasons why property investors should sell their home using MoveSelf. If you are a property investor you can sell your home privately with maximum transparency.