When we first launched MoveSelf back in 2017 we had various goals:

  • Shift control of property sales and lettings to the property owner in a controlled and supported manner
  • Provide better value for money than traditional, high street estate agents whilst offering a comparable service
  • Facilitate the above using a slick, proprietary online platform

Back then we marketed ourselves as a Do It Yourself estate agent. But in essence, we were doing ourselves an injustice.

DIY or tailor-made estate agent

In one sense MoveSelf is indeed a DIY estate agent; property owners can create their own property listings, supply their own photos and floor plans and MoveSelf will perform quality and integrity checks before publishing each property to millions of users within 24 hours.

But in another sense MoveSelf isn’t a DIY estate agent at all. Because if property owners require professional photography services, we can supply them. If property owners require professional floor plans, we can supply those too. Heck, if property owners need somebody to chase up the sales progression we can even do that! And much, much more.

In contrast to high street estate agents and other online estate agents, it is your choice when deciding upon which professional services you want to pay for. So essentially MoveSelf is no longer a DIY estate agent but instead a much more bespoke solution.

We can say that MoveSelf is a DIY estate agent offering expert support at all times, assisted by optional professional services. So in that sense property owners are not ‘doing it themselves’ at all, but instead they are supported in a variety of ways.

The term ‘do it yourself’ has connotations of leaving property owners to their own devices in, what can be seen by some, as quite an intimidating process. But that’s simply not the case.

MoveSelf provide a wealth of advice to ensure that any decisions made by property vendors and landlords are indeed informed decisions. We take the guess work out of it. After all, selling your home is often one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Eliminate the guesswork. Take back control of your most lucrative asset. Let your home or sell your home with MoveSelf.