A few years ago, I created MoveSelf to provide an alternative to expensive high street estate agents. The concept was borne from a bad experience I had when selling my own flat, and as a result I identified many ways to streamline the process and deliver better value to homeowners.

In its infancy, MoveSelf offered a pay monthly approach to selling homes as well as optional services. It was quickly scooped up by the Daily Express with an article suggesting that homeowners ditch rip-off estate agents! Of course, this went down like a lead balloon in the high street estate agency world, and the anonymous Property Industry Eye trolls circled like vultures.

It became evident that gaining traction in the industry was going to be difficult, since over 95% of the industry were high street estate agents that opposed change. In hindsight, labelling these agents as “industry luddites” did nothing to smooth our relationships. And even today, some agents still make misleading statements to discredit the ‘online’ disruptors.

Coupled with this, when factoring in the millions of pounds spent each year by Purplebricks on advertising campaigns and hogging SEO keywords, launching MoveSelf was proving to be a daunting task.

I always had a vision of MoveSelf organically growing through referrals; targeting local areas and gradually expanding. But convincing homeowners that this new concept was legitimate in the face of agency luddites was proving to be difficult.

To bolster the organic approach, we engaged a few SEO companies that sucked our financial blood for several months. They promised that long-tailed keyword-rich blogs would drive traffic to our website. But in such a competitive industry, the promise of relevant traffic and leads didn’t materialise.

And then came my two children, one after the other like a conveyor belt of sleep deprivation units. As a result MoveSelf was firmly put on hold, and my attention turned to surviving the onslaught of colicky babies and dirty nappies. I was clinging on to my sanity.

But three years on as I write this blog, those two babies have morphed into walking and talking princesses. Good banter too, I might add. And my depleted energy levels are gradually building up again with a view to relaunching MoveSelf.

Throughout the years of monitoring the industry, I have learned what homeowners want. And, more importantly, what homeowners need. And it’s at this point that I realise no man is an island. So I’m looking for a business partner(s) to join me on this journey!

MoveSelf needs you!

If you have any of the following experience, please get in touch!

  • Estate agency (want to run your own business without paying hefty subscriptions to CRMs?).
  • Financial investment.
  • Marketing experience.
  • SEO experience.
  • Time and energy!

Thanks for reading, and hopefully speak soon!