More and more homeowners and property investors are assessing the feasibility of private house sales with no estate agent. One of the key driving factors is the huge potential for cost savings. But can homeowners sell their homes privately without an estate agent?

In a nutshell, yes they can. There is nothing legally that prevents a person from selling their home without using an estate agent. Strictly speaking, homeowners don’t even need to use a conveyancing solicitor! But it is wholeheartedly recommended to use one.

There are many steps involved in the conveyancing process – issuing legal contracts, obtaining mortgage settlement figures, obtaining title deeds, performing searches and so on. And depending upon the size of your property, conveyancing quotes can range from a few hundred pounds upwards. So when factoring in the complexity and amount of the work required, instructing a conveyancing solicitor is a no-brainer.

Private House Sales With No Estate Agent

Estate agents (generally speaking) cost significantly more than a conveyancing solicitor – often thousands of pounds. And hence homeowners should see it as an opportunity to make significant cost savings.

There are many things to consider when exploring the feasibility of private house sales with no estate agent; whilst not necessarily complex, the work of an estate agent can be quite arduous depending upon the size of the property chain. Larger property chains inevitably increase the workload during sales progression since there are more stakeholders involved. However properties that are for sale without a chain can dramatically simplify the whole process.

Then there are additional services provided by estate agents such as photography, floor plans, brochures, marketing, energy performance certificates and more. And whilst some homeowners are capable of providing such services themselves, others are not quite so savvy.

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