There are a few options available to those that want to become a self employed estate agent. One option would be to invest in a franchise, and another option would be to ‘go it alone’ and utilise the services of a proptech platform such as MoveSelf. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Self Employed Estate Agent using a Franchise

There are several franchise models available in the estate agency industry such as eXp, EweMove and Keller Williams. The advantage of choosing to become a self employed estate agent via a franchise is that you have an instant network of support for advice – this may be from the franchise operators indeed other franchisees.

Estate agent franchises also provide administrative support, training courses, branding support and the fundamental tools required to do the job. These services are paid for either via the initial joining fee and/or ongoing costs.

The disadvantage of joining a franchise is the lack of autonomy – even though you are self-employed, you are essentially representing a parent brand. Some of these franchises impose certain restrictions on branding guidelines too – many operate under their own branding guidelines, and others allow a more ‘personal’ brand.

Cost is also a huge factor. Some franchises charge a joining fee which can range up to £30,000! And they also take a percentage of the sales you make.

Self Employed Estate Agent without using a Franchise

The main advantage of being a truly self employed estate agent is total autonomy and significant cost savings.

Self employed estate agents that ‘go it alone’ do not have to pay a joining fee, which is a huge saving up front. On top of that they don’t have to share a percentage of each sale they make – profits are entirely their own. Any there is no external party that they need approval from prior to making business decisions.

They can brand their service exactly how they want to, and can market their property portfolio wherever they would like to.

From a tooling perspective, MoveSelf is a free platform and can even be configured for teams of sellers (maybe a husband and wife partnership?) to share property listings. It is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, mobile-ready platform which is ideal for self-employed estate agents, property investors and home owners.

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