If I was calculating how much my home is worth, ideally I would want to factor in the sold house prices in my street to obtain an accurate valuation.

Of course, this isn’t always possible if your home is a new build property. But for most other properties you can use the previous sold price together with the house price index trend to establish what your property is now worth.

In combination with valuations from other local estate agents, using previously sold prices can help you to establish an accurate valuation for your home.

Sold Prices in My Street

There are various sources where you can find previous sold prices:

Rightmove Sold Prices

Rightmove has quite a comprehensive listing of sold prices, and if you’re lucky it might even include cached images of photos when it sold previously! This might enable you to ascertain the condition of the property when it previously sold.

Zoopla Sold Prices

Zoopla indicates the number of properties sold in your are in the last 12 months – this is useful to see how buoyant (or not) the market has been in recent months. Depending upon the are you live in, Zoopla also provides the average sold price in the last 12 months. If all properties in your area are relatively similar builds (a terraced street or similar) this is useful. If you live on a street with completely different builds, perhaps not so useful.

Land Registry Sold Prices

The Land Registry also publish sold prices dating back to 1995. Quite handily, if you savvy with a computer, you can download the data in CSV format (select the option with headers!) and perform your own in-depth analysis, filtering by property types and specific post codes.

Once you have calculated an accurate valuation for your home, you can create your property listing for free.