Purplebricks is the largest online estate agent in the UK, due in large to a substantial marketing budget sprinkled with some potentially misleading advertising campaigns. And with pricing that is currently almost as expensive as a high street estate agent, do MoveSelf provide a cost-saving alternative to Purplebricks?

Why Is Purplebricks The Biggest Online Estate Agent in the UK?

There are around 21 million reasons why Purplebricks is the biggest online estate agent in the UK.  Purplebricks currently spend around £21 million pounds per year on marketing in the UK that includes TV adverts, online adverts, newspaper adverts and more.

It somewhat puts companies like MoveSelf into the shade since we operate on a MUCH more modest marketing budget!  Ok…. I’m not yet raiding my daughter’s piggy bank (keyword being ‘yet’), but we do rely heavily on social media and word of mouth!

Is Purplebricks a Sustainable Business Model?

There are many people that put the dampeners on using Purplebricks to sell your home due to it making operational losses and having a fledgling share price.  As a result of such losses, these same people deem the business model to be flawed and fear that Purplebricks may ultimately suffer the same fate as Emoov.

However, what’s important to note is that these losses are group-wide and not specific to UK operations. In other words, UK profits are being dragged down by the losses incurred by the relatively recent expansions into the United States and Australia.  I would suggest that this is entirely feasible, and when you factor in Amazon’s slow rise to the top favouring expansion over profitability you begin to realise that Purplebricks is probably executing a similar strategy.

Do Purplebricks Hide Negative Reviews and Create Fake Reviews?

Unfortunately, evidence would suggest there is truth in this statement.  AllAgents – an impartial estate agency review site – were involved in a bitter dispute with Purplebricks in relation to Purplebricks forcing them to remove negative reviews and issuing ‘legal threats’ to do so. Reviews of Purplebricks on the AllAgents platform are not favourable.

Similar stories have also emerged about fake reviews being published on the TrustPilot platform, whilst negative reviews have been mysteriously removed!

How Much Does Selling Your Home with Purplebricks Cost?

At the time of writing it costs £899 to sell your home outside of London, and £1,399 to sell your home inside of London.  If you require somebody at Purplebricks to conduct property viewings, you will pay an additional £300 outside of London and £399 inside of London.

Do You Pay Up Front When Selling Your Home with Purplebricks?

Not anymore (you did in the past).  However, there is a ‘gotcha’.  According to the FAQs page if you instruct Purplebricks to sell your home (via an official agreement/contract) you WILL be charged:

  • If you withdraw your instruction for [Purplebricks] to market the property
  • If you withdraw from using [Purplebricks solicitor]
  • Ten months from the date when you agree to use [Purplebricks] services

In other words, one way or another you will be required to pay regardless of whether your home sells or not.  So, whilst Purplebricks have evaded the ‘pay upfront’ stigma, it seems they have merely sidestepped it.

The concerning part is that Purplebricks ‘have the right to assign the liability to a third party’ – in other words a debt collector!  Shiver me timbers.

Use MoveSelf As an Alternative to Purplebricks

There are multiple key differences between Purplebricks and MoveSelf.

Firstly, there is no contract with MoveSelf and hence we won’t ever send the debt collectors around to confiscate your television! 🙂

You can list your property on multiple property portals for FREE using our revolutionary mobile-ready platform, making your home visible to over 30 million visitors per month.

We sell professional services such as photography and floor plans, which you can optionally choose to purchase if required.  And we also provide a no sale no fee, specialist sales progression service.

What this ultimately means is that you have maximum control over your property listing, with extremely limited risk should your home not sell.  If your home does sell, you will save a significant sum of money.

If you require more information then check out our pricing page and register your free account.