Throughout this blog we discuss reasons why you may wish to use MoveSelf as an alternative to Strike estate agents.

Strike are an interesting proposition in the estate agency world. They claim to sell your home for free, which is a difficult proposition to ignore for any homeowner! Is this a sustainable business model? Probably not. But as a homeowner, why do you care? You don’t! And neither would I!

Strike claim to make their money by referring homeowners to solicitors and making a commission etc, and selling ancillary services such as upgraded property listings. One such ancillary service is a cost of £599 (at the time of writing) for an optional ‘performance package‘ that includes ‘professional photography’. This implies that the photographs you get as part of the free package are not ‘professional’ and hence are probably taken by the same person that visits your property to value your home (unverified, but worth your own investigations). You also don’t get hosted viewings, which Strike charge £699 for. The online platform is also quite a basic offering allowing only messaging, viewings management and offer management.

MoveSelf operates in a similar way to Strike, but with the added benefit of more control over your property listings. This is perfect for homeowners, investors and indeed self employed estate agents that want more autonomy over their listings.

The MoveSelf platform is far more advanced too; users can add/remove photos, amend descriptions, floor plans and pricing all by themselves. This is something that you don’t get as part of the Strike platform offering. The platform also provides messaging, viewings management, offer management and viewing feedback. On top of this, the MoveSelf ancillary offerings are more competitively priced.

It really comes down to what you as the homeowner wants. If you wanted a completely no-frills free offering with less autonomy, and the ability to upgrade to an expensive professional package, Strike may be the best option for you.

If you wanted total autonomy of your listings, and more competitively priced professional services with completely bespoke property sales packages, then use MoveSelf as an alternative to Strike estate agents. You can see our transparent pricing and list your property.