Frequently Asked Questions Our answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Should I be worried about selling or letting a property by myself?

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Have you ever sold your car privately? Were you concerned about showing your car to a complete stranger, or reluctant to highlight the benefits it provided? Did your palms sweat profusely when you negotiated the sale price?

Probably not. And thankfully your role in selling or letting your home is almost identical! And incidentally you won't be on your own - we are here to support you and/or offer advice when required!

Once your property is listed, your primary role is to provide informed property viewings for any interested parties and to negotiate the sale/let price of your property. It's important to ascertain how much your property is worth (we provide valuation tools to assist with this) and how much (if any) you are willing to negotiate. The legal aspect is carried out by a fully qualified conveyancing solicitor so you can rest assured that your property transaction is always in safe hands.

Why is MoveSelf so cheap? What's the catch?

There isn't any catch. We've partnered up with multiple property portals to advertise your property to millions of potential buyers and renters. Some of these are free to advertise with (see our free plan) and some of these cost us (and therefore you) money to advertise with (see our premium plan). The benefit of the premium plan is that your property will get much more exposure (over 30 million hits per month) than the free plan (over 2 million hits per month).

The premise behind MoveSelf is to move property yourself. By that statement we mean that it will inevitably require slightly more legwork from yourself - it's your responsibility to create your listing (it will only be published subject to our review process), respond to enquiries and negotiate offers via our slick management platform. If you ever require expert advice throughout the process our agents are always here to assist you.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. But remember that if you are selling a property you will require a conveyancing solicitor to transfer ownership of your property (there are other charges associated with this process, such as Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)). You will also require a valid Energy Performance Certificate to list your property with us. We also provide optional purchases such as photography, floorplans, tenant credit checks and references.

We can provide all of the aforementioned services at the most affordable prices around.

Why don't MoveSelf advertise with Rightmove?

Advertising with Rightmove would cost us more, and as a result of this it would cost you more to advertise with us. At the moment we believe that the exposure provided by our free and premium plans (over 32 million hits per month cumulatively) combined with our pricing model is the most effective and represents the best value for money at this time.

Is MoveSelf the right choice for me?

Not necessarily! (Yikes, did we just say that?)

You must be a competent computer user - competent enough to have an email address and be able to register an account with us (if you can do this, you will find using our management platform easy peasy!). You will also need to be relatively confident - confident enough to show people around your property if required, and confident enough to negotiate your asking price.

Finally, MoveSelf are A DIY, Pay As You Go Estate Agent. If you prefer meeting your estate agent face-to-face we're probably not the right choice for you.

Is it possible to speak to somebody at MoveSelf?

Yes, it is possible. The reason we have an automated voicemail system and prefer to provide support via email is so that:

a) We can be more efficient with our time - it's quicker to provide answers via email than it is over the phone (depending on who you speak to!).

b) We can track the history of your enquiries with our ticket management tool, enabling us to provide more informed responses.

We will call you to discuss any queries that are overly complex and cannot be sufficiently responded to via email.

How long do MoveSelf take to respond to emails and support requests?

Our service-level agreement stipulates that we should provide responses to any queries within 2 business hours. We often provide responses much sooner than this.

Do you provide telephone support?

Yes we do. If you try calling us you will be redirected to an automated voicemail system. But fear not! When you leave a message a ticket will be instantly created in our ticket management software and an agent will review the content. If the request is of an urgent nature we will call you back immediately. Otherwise we will prioritise your request accordingly. We work this way so that we can provide the most efficient support to all property vendors.

What other support methods do you provide?

You can obviously email us at any time. You can also send an SMS/text message to our phone number (at your normal network rate) and a ticket will be automatically created in our ticket management software!