Frequently Asked Questions Our answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Should I Use a Traditional High Street Estate Agent Instead?

If you aren't very computer-literate it might be advisable to use a traditional high street estate agent. You'll pay much more but they will manage the whole process from end-to-end.

However if you are comfortable using a computer, MoveSelf provides the perfect platform to sell your home and you will save hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. With regards legal compliance, regulation and access to professional estate agency services, the net result is exactly the same as using a high street estate agent. The only difference is that you will essentially manage your property listing and not an agent.

I'm nervous that things might go wrong?

Don't be nervous. But there are a few important aspects that you should adhere to:

1. Sell your home for the right price. Gather some property valuations from other estate agents and then use our house price calculator. You can also purchase a property valuation report, trusted by 85% of the UK's largest mortgage lenders.
2. When you accept an offer, you MUST qualify the proposed buyer. This means obtaining an ID check, a credit check, an anti-money laundering (AML) check and an address check. We provide this service for you. See our pricing page.
3. Engage a regulated conveyancing solicitor to transfer ownership of your property. We can recommend one free of charge.

If you follow these guidelines you will have nothing to woRry about.

Are there any hidden fees or gotchas?

No. There are no hidden fees or gotchas unlike some other online estate agents.

All our fees are listed on our pricing page. But be aware (as with any other estate agent) that you will also need to purchase the services of a conveyancing solicitor in the event that you accept an offer to sell your home. We can recommend a conveyancing solicitor upon request.

How long do MoveSelf take to respond to emails and support requests?

We generally provide responses to any queries within 2 business hours. We often provide responses much sooner than this, especially if you message us via WhatsApp!