Why MoveSelf Learn why you should sell your home with an online estate agent.

Why MoveSelf

MoveSelf is an online estate agent based in Greater Manchester and Cheshire aiming to revolutionise the process of buying, selling, renting and letting residential property.

We exist because we believe that traditional estate agents charge excessive fees to sell or let residential property. Our aim is to provide consumers with value for money, a transparent experience and more granular control over services and products required.

With MoveSelf you can list your property for FREE (there is no catch - check out our pricing page for further information and see where we advertise) or alternatively you can list your property using one of our premium pay monthly plans. This is undoubtedly the most cost effective pricing in the industry, offering much greater value than commission and fixed fee pricing and saving property vendors and landlords thousands of pounds.

We aim to grow slowly and organically via word of mouth, referrals and minimal advertising. This will enable us to maintain high levels of support throughout - something that is often sacrificed when companies grow too quickly.

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Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is clear and transparent. There are no hidden fees. Contrast this with a high street estate agent commission fee, whereby you don't know how much you will pay until your house has sold!

Location and Condition Independent Pricing

Traditional estate agents sell properties and take commission as a percentage of the sale price. This pricing model is problematic since two properties of similar sizes can have vastly different estate agent fees simply because of the property location and condition!

Consider this example:
A 3 bedroom property could sell for £250,000 and an estate agent would typically charge the property owner (vendor) 1.5% commission. This works out at £3,750. Now consider another 3 bedroom property of similar proportions, perhaps in a different area and in better condition, which sells for £400,000. Using the same commission based approach at the same rate of 1.5% would cost the vendor £6,000 to sell the property! That's a £2,250 difference!?

Why should two properties of similar proportions cost so vastly different, just because of the location and condition of the property? We don't think they should. That's another reason why we are a 'no commission' estate agent, enabling property vendors and landlords to save thousands of pounds.

Bespoke Property Listings Within 24 Hours

Fixed fee and commission based estate agent fees generally include the cost of a property appraisal, photography, floor plans, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), property viewings and an advertising board for your property. For high street estate agents the fee also covers daily overheads incurred such as office rental costs and promotional materials, a branded fleet of cars, office heating and electrics etc.

- What if you could save money by providing your own photography and floor plans?

- What if you could save money by conducting your own viewings? After all, nobody knows your property better than you?

- What if you could save money by calculating the value of your property yourself, using a wealth of online metrics relating to the history of your property?

- What if a valid EPC already existed that you could download for FREE?

With MoveSelf you can optionally provide your own photography and floor plans, or alternatively use our professional services to provide them for you. If you want an advertisement board outside your property you can rent one from us, or alternatively just advertise online. You can value your property using our house price calculator, or alternatively we can carry out a property appraisal for you!

We provide property vendors and landlords with autonomy, the potential to list a property within 24 hours, flexibility in plan/product selections and more options to save money than any other estate agent. We want property vendors and landlords to only pay for the services they require, to save money, and to sell or let their residential property as efficiently as possible.

No Exclusivity

There is no exclusivity agreement. It's your property and you can advertise it when you want, where you want.

No Contracts

There are no contracts to sign. No tie-in periods. No hidden clauses to be wary of.

Mobile-Ready Management

Manage your property listing using our slick and intuitive online software. It is mobile-ready and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can create your property listing in under an hour, and have it listed on major property portals within 24 hours.

Our software permits you to easily arrange viewings and negotiate property offers. Vendors and consumers can message each other directly, creating 100% transparency at all times. And when you accept an offer, you can track the progression in real-time.

If you ever need assistance you can contact our support team and we'll be glad to assist in any way we can.

100% Secure

We also take security seriously. That's why we use encrypted communications, fraud protection and PCI Compliant payment techniques via Braintree (a Paypal company). We do not store any of your payment details.