Why MoveSelf Learn about the many advantages of selling your home with MoveSelf.

Why MoveSelf

MoveSelf is a free platform that provides homeowners, property investors and self-employed estate agents with flexibility, instant communications, value for money and access to verified and trusted professional property services.

Homeowners can use the platform to self-manage their property sale, whilst having access to traditional estate agency services such as professional photography and floor plan creation. Property investors can use our platform to 'flip' property in their portfolio. And self-employed estate agents can use our platform as part of their own service offering to homeowners, saving thousands of pounds on platform costs and franchise costs.

The MoveSelf platform provides several advantages over the traditional high street estate agency model:

Optimal Pricing

Since high street estate agents charge a percentage of the sale price as their fee, it means that homeowners don't know how much the service will cost until their home sells!

MoveSelf uses fixed and transparent pricing! There are no hidden fees, and our sales progression service is 'no exchange no fee'. Homeowners know exactly how much our services will cost them prior to listing their home for sale.

Multiple Service Providers

When using a traditional estate agent to sell your home, the services you receive are confined to those offered by a single estate agent.

With MoveSelf you have access to a growing list of verified service providers offering photography, sales progression, verification checks and more. Homeowners can pick and choose their perfect combination to build a completely bespoke sales package.


High street estate agents use a 'full-service' sales package that includes photography, floor plans, sales progression and more. But what if your property is not in a chain and you don't neccessarily require sales progression? What if you're a competent photographer and don't require photography? Unfortunately there is no flexibility to reduce costs.

MoveSelf provide bespoke sales packages. Our homeowners have the option of purchasing an equivalent 'full-service' sales package with industry leading service providers at a fraction of the cost of traditional estate agents. But in addition, our homeowners can also save lots of money by only choosing the specific services that they require.

Instant and Transparent

High street estate agents only relay offers and enquiries when their offices are open, when they are not conducting property viewings and when they are not on their lunch breaks. There is also a lack of trust in the estate agency industry, as demonstrated by polls carried out by Move iQ (14%) and YouGov (17%).

The MoveSelf platform provides instant communications between homeowners and buyers with SMS and email notifications. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

No Contracts

High street estate agents issue contracts to homeowners stating that they cannot advertise their home with another estate agent within a certain period of time. This is problematic if service levels are poor, and breaking the terms of the contract may result in a hefty fine and/or legal action.

With MoveSelf there is no contract. You can advertise where you want and when you want - it's your home after all!

Support and Innovation

High street estate agents only provide support during office hours. And the vast majority only have a basic website that lists property and sells ancillary products.

In contrast MoveSelf is a free platform for desktop and mobile devices, where homeowners can create property listings, manage viewings, receive offers, enquiries and much more. We're constantly looking at ways to innovate, streamline processes and reduce costs for homeowners whilst providing best-in-class services.

Our platform is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And there are multiple ways to contact support outside of typical business hours.